Frequent Question

Connectivity Issues

Always reboot GeekTV first for any issues as a start, or alternatively you can also try rebooting your modem/router for your internet connection to the cache stored in your network.

 To reboot your GeekTV, simply unplug the power, wait 5 seconds, and plug it back in. To reboot your wireless mode/router simply unplug the power to it for 5 Minutes and plug back in. 

Video Won’t Load/Buffering

If videos played from Add-ons such as Exodus, Specto, ICdrama buffers, it’s either due to poor internet connection or difficulty receiving internet signal from the router/modem. We recommend that you have at least 15mbps internet speed. To check go to and test your download speed. 

To solve this problem you can either: 

  1. Move the wireless router closer to where your Android TV box is hooked up for increased signal quality. 
  2. Switch to a wired (Ethernet) connection.
  3. Choose a video that is lower quality so it loads fasters

Clear Cache

If your device becomes slow you can clear the memory to try and improve speed. Open Kodi and go to Programs then Program Add-ons. Open the Maintenance Tool app and click on ‘General Maintenance’. Then click on Clear Cache and Purge Packages options.

Also, when loading programs in Add-ons(i.e. Exodus) for the first time, Kodi will function relatively slower in the initial launch due to updates. After first launch, subsequent launches will revert to the normal standard performance.

Display Zoomed In/Not Centered

If the movie you are watching is out of focus or the picture is not centered do the following:

  1. Exit Kodi and navigate to the Settings menu
  2. Click on the 2nd tab that says Display
  3. Make sure the HDMI auto-detection is off. Change the HDMI Output Mode Setting to 1080p-24hz.
  4. If that is not an option, then go to the Display Position and change it to 97% (you may need to adjust this percentage more to fit your screen.)

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